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Trainer Report Form



To be completed by Certified Trainers and Senior Certified Trainers. Please complete the following form within 5 days of all CFFA trainings. This information will be collected and evaluated to ensure quality training delivery and to help keep your certification current.

  CEU's now available!  
  6 hours of social work CEU's are available for each day of training.     

CFFA Authorized Training Program 

Professional trainers fully authorized by Casey Family Programs to deliver comprehensive training on the suite of Casey Foster Family Assessments (CFFA) tools provide the following:

  • Training on all aspects of the CFFA tools including updates and revisions 
  • Cost-effective training throughout the United States 
  • Expert knowledge of child welfare, education, and other state and county systems
  • Knowledge of a variety of grant programs that may help offset the costs of training
  • Cultural competency and sensitivity to diverse audiences
  • The capacity to train small or large groups
  • Guidance on how to implement the CFFA in your organization
  • Training for others to become Certified or Senior Certified Trainers

Participants can choose from three different training levels:

End User Training: helps participants to use the tools in direct practice. They will receive a thorough one-day overview of the CFFA tools.

Advanced User Training: takes place over two days. It delves deeper into all the various measures and gives learners the ability to coach others in the use of the CFFA tools. They will also understand how to implement and maintain the tools most effectively in their organization.

Certified Trainer:  participants are expected to meet all criteria in the Advanced User training and, in addition, be able to demonstrate effective communication skills when teaching sections of the CFFA training curriculum. They must demonstrate use of relevant technology and basic learning principles to facilitate motivation and learning of the CFFA tools. This is a three-day training.

CFFA Authorized Training Providers

ATP Contact Information

About This Provider

Dr. Katie Rhodes, Ph.D. 
Phone: (423) 855-4091


Dr. Katie Rhodes is a practicing clinical social worker, child welfare researcher, and consultant. She is a part of the original team of researchers who developed the CFFA. She continues to do research with foster parents and serves as a consultant and curricula developer for the CFFA. She has published numerous articles on foster parent assessment, foster parent role performance, foster home utilization, and foster parent retention. She has worked with agencies to conduct needs assessments, program evaluation, training, and follow-up to support evidenced based practice. She is currently working on projects to improve understanding of foster parents and foster parent assessment. She brings the perspective of over 25 years of clinical social work practice with children, youth, and families to training social service staff.

Ray Hoskins, President
Success Technologies
9085 Huggin Hollow Rd
Martinsville, IN 46151
Phone: (317) 780-0703 or
(888) 747-4581
Fax: (317) 536-5852

Success Technologies was founded in 1994 and has since provided training and consultation to individuals and organizations throughout the United States. They offer products and tools to benefit government agencies, welfare recipients, birth parents, foster and adoptive parents, youth, foster youth, and human services staff.

Since 2001, they have worked closely with Casey Family Programs in training and evolving the Casey Life Skills suite of tools. Success Technologies also has six years of experience with the Indiana Foster Parent Adoption Association, and in the past two years, helped manage the Indiana Adoption Program. Officers of Success Technologies have been honored by both the State of Indiana and by Health and Human Services for Adoption Excellence during 2005

Jayne Schooler
Trainer and Consultant
101 Fieldstone Way
Lebanon, Ohio 45036
Phone: (513) 228-2303 or
(937) 689-0985

Jayne Schooler has over twenty-five years of experience in child welfare, first as a foster parent, an adoptive parent, and then as adoption professional in a public children's services agency. She currently serves as a trainer for the Ohio Child Welfare Training Program. In her role as a curriculum developer with the Institute for Human Services in Columbus, Ohio, Jayne has authored numerous training curricula. She also has written five books in the field of foster care and adoption. She is a member of the work team developing the CFFA training curriculum for Casey Family Programs. 

Please note that these are the only authorized training organizations approved by Casey Family Programs. No others should represent themselves as such. Doing so may be illegal.

Casey Family Programs staff is always interested in your feedback about any aspect of our tools or services. We are very interested in your feedback about interactions with or use of our ATP's. To send feedback on the trainers, at any level of confidentiality you wish, please contact us at:

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